Payroll Services

Payroll Services in Collinsville and Tulsa let you stay focused on your business

As a small business owner, you have a lot of tasks behind the scenes to make your company function. One of the most time consuming can be managing the payroll for your employees. These employees play an important role in helping you run your business, so making sure you are following the law is essential when it comes to handling their pay.

It can be estimated that one whole working day is spent on payroll each month for many business owners. When you figure eight hours per day, twelve times each year that is nearly 100 hours. If you step back and consider how that time might be better spent generating sales, improving products or services, prospecting new business opportunities or servicing existing customers for retention it can allow you to see the value of outsourcing to a reliable company.

In the Tulsa and Collinsville area, business owners should explore the payroll solutions that let you return your focus to other parts of your operation. Some of the top reasons people consider outsourcing payroll include:

Reducing overhead
If you have been considering adding to your team to find an employee with the specialized training for payroll, compare the cost our payroll solution. Instead of taking you or your employees’ valuable time, you can get the level of expertise you need for reports and processing have without sacrificing hours. This allows you to remain focused on your business.

Gaining comprehensive reporting
Accurate payroll reports are important for managing the staff aspect of your business. Instead of spending time to do those yourself, you can explore the cost of having those as part of your payroll service including workers’ compensation reports, retirement reports and other specialized topics.

Taking the worry off tax issues
The risks associated with calculating and filing your own payroll taxes can be overwhelming to business owners who are often multi-tasking to address all the needs of their company. Staying current on changing federal, state and local payroll tax laws can be time consuming as well. Evaluate if you would rather outsource this to a professional who has the knowledge and ongoing training to stay current.

Understanding the costs of outsourcing payroll
There is no one size fits all approach to estimating payroll without exploring the particular needs of a business so evaluate what you need and what your budget is. We offer affordable services, designed to allow business owners to focus on their company instead of payrolls.

What our comprehensive payroll services offer businesses in the Collinsville and Tulsa area:

  • Printed checks using maximum security techniques that meet microencoding standards set by the Federal Reserve System.
  • The reliability of payroll checks prepared and printed on-time, every-time.
  • Direct deposit options for convenience for employees
  • Tax reporting for federal and state level and EFTPS tax deposit detail.
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports, including W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms.
  • Reporting on new hires

You time is valuable, and you know how your resources can be best utilized in your business. When you are ready to consider payroll outsourcing, contact us for a quote based on the particular needs of your company. We look forward to speaking with you.